Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 9

Breakfast - WG Total w/ lvsm
Morning Snack - leftover potatoes
Lunch - WG Total w/ lvsm and blackberries
Afternoon Snack - chips and salsa
Dinner and Dessert - explained below

So... another confession. I didn't eat cereal for dinner. *shock* *horror**gasp*

You see, I finished off the bag of blackberries with lunch. That bag had been reserved for Dad to make his famous blackberry dumplings on Christmas. Because of his condition and then hospital stay in Lynchburg, they never fulfilled their purpose. So, I've been putting them to good use with the cereal. When the bag ran out, it was one of those things that made me sad out of the blue. It was one more tiny piece of Dad that was gone. I wish I had left a few in the bag and in the freezer.

I was reflective the remainder of the day, and when mom wasn't feeling like eating dinner, I had an idea for the both of us. Pancakes. Dad spent the last 15 years or so making pancakes (and occasionally waffles) for Sunday breakfast. He went through a great deal of effort perfecting his own recipe. I didn't use his recipe. I used the Better Homes and Gardens buttermilk pancake recipe. But, Thursday dinner was a tribute to Dad and his pancakes.

*end confession*

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  1. Just catching up on your blog here. I really like this post. I like how you can keep your Dad around in everyday things:) Just had to say I think it was a great idea.