Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Weight Wednesday

Confession: I botched the weigh in. My initial starting point was measured on a scale in Lynchburg. This morning, I was in Richmond on a different scale. The two of them never agree on anything. Therefore: my weight this morning is an honest guesstimate. 2 lbs down.

Wed. Report

Breakfast - Fiber One w/water
Morning Snack - none (packing)
Lunch - none (packing)
Afternoon Snack - Jason's Deli - Turkey Wrap and fresh fruit - heaven!
Dinner - WG Total w/lvsm and blackberries
Dessert - Krispy Kreme (I don't even like those things. Why did I eat a stale one?)

Tues. Report

Breakfast - Fiber One w/ Water
Morning Snack - Apple
Lunch - Fiber One w/water
Afternoon Snack - canned chili (not many choices while cleaning up the old apartment)
Dinner - Total w/water
Dessert - Organic chocolate cookies

The Mon. Calorie Report
I told you I'd let you know how that Angus Burger and mousse cake worked out with my FitDay total - Not too shabby. My day still came in at 1800k. More than my 1500 target, but hey... I got a 1/2 pound burger squeezed in. I'm going to be happy about this.

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  1. Great! 2 lbs down. I'm loving Fit Day for tracking, btw.