Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Although I may introduce some commentary into the daily posts, I want to lay out the format for this month in one location. Here is what led me to deciding to do this and how it will work.


My father recently passed away after spending the holiday season (Nov. - Jan.) in and out of the hospital. My cousin, Angie, in Tennessee remembered a discussion about cereal a group of family had at the reunion in September. Somewhere in that conversation, held in the Great Smoky Mountains, Dad mentioned liking Total.

As a joke, Angie sent a large box of Whole Grain Total sample boxes to the house in January. Yesterday, an even bigger box of Fiber One arrived to keep it company. Dad never got to any of it. What to do with all of this cereal?

Maybe it's because I need one thing I can control in what has been a three month spiral of loss. Surely it's because I have to return to my "pre-campaign" form. Partly it's for fun. And, as a Community Health major, it's definitely to make a pseudo-scientific experiment on the effects of a high fiber diet.

So... hats off to Morgan Spurlock, who blazed the trail with his 30 days of McDonalds, documented in Super Size Me. I'm now embarking on a healthier version of his journey (sans the medical following of blood panels etc.) Wish me luck, and thanks, Ang!!


For 30 days, I will:
  • Eat Whole Grain Total or Fiber One for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Blog daily about it
  • Be eating additional snacks during the day (this isn't a "nothing but cereal" endeavor)
  • Report weekly on weight fluctuation (although, as a lady, never disclose my weight ;-) - Hitherto known as Weekly Weight Wednesdays.
  • Reserve the right to use the cereals in recipes (aside from the good ol' milk and bowl) if my sanity demands it down the road.


  1. Okay, I'm officially following this 30 endeavor:)

  2. Oh, Melissa. I'm sorry about your dad's passing. I told you I'm terrible at paying attention, and now my heart hurts for not realizing about your loss. Here's some love comin' your way....

    P.S. This is a fabulous idea!!

  3. I tried to eat The Word of wisdom for 30 days once & lasted 2 weeks. Too high fiber for me! Good luck! It's VERY GOOD for you!

  4. Melissa,I am sorry for your loss. I think of your family all the time (even before your dad's passing) and it always makes me smile. Your dad is sure a great/neat/awesome man and I am sure he is still working hard! I look forward to following your endeavor! Take care!

  5. I wrote this once before, but am not having luck with getting it posted. Anyway, you should have seen my big grin :-) when I read this.
    I wish you luck! with your dietary program; I like it much better than a lot of those out there. I am very curious to see how it all turns out!