Friday, February 19, 2010

Salt of the Earth

It's only day 3, and I woke up to a stark reminder of why I'm not a natural frequent cereal consumer. Salt.
When I crave, I crave salty things. I haven't always been a regular breakfast eater, but when I have, and I'm happy, it's because of egg white omlettes. In fact, now that I type this and work it out logically, most breakfast foods are sweet, and that's probably the reason I don't always feel compelled to eat it.
This morning I wanted to eat something salty. I slept in. I could have gotten away with brunch instead of breakfast. But, I didn't want to ruin my 30 days and accountability to what I hope is a growing readership. I ate my Fiber One.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, me too. I mean I can eat anything for breakfast. I've eaten steak, and meat loaf, and stew, and all sorts of stuff for breakfast and been fine. But my favorites are sausage and bacon. Not really a pancake person.