Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Give Away! - To Celebrate 1 Week of Cereal

That's right folks. To celebrate 1 full week of cereal, I'm offering one lucky reader a piece of my joy.

Prize: Your very own sample packet of Fiber One and Whole Grain Total and two coupons from each brand as well! (Total Coupons for $1 off, Fiber One Coupons are for $0.75 off)

Rules: Leave a comment on this post. I will choose one commenter at random on Saturday to receive the prize.


  1. Whoohoo, first to comment! Fun project you've got going here, Melissa! I'm enjoying reading.

  2. I tried the cranberry pomegrante total the other day and really liked it...kind of disappointed in the amount of sugar though. =(
    This is a fun blog and I am enjoying keeping up with you on your adventure.

  3. This is cool. Are you experimenting with the type of milk as well?

  4. Fighting - I generally use either 1% milk or light vanilla soy milk (lvsm). I usually post my milk choice with the cereal. I even used water in there (while at old apt). There are some cereals this is ok with if the water is really cold. Turns out Fiber One is NOT one of those it works well with ;-)

  5. I love giveaways! I also love cereal (though I've never tried Fiber One). Pick me! Pick me!